Our current projects are listed below with the relevant production status and details.  
The Owl Who Had Trouble Falling To Sleep is available now in both short and extended versions.

Available Now.

Available now.

Travel Back into the Renaissance discovering the Elizabethan and Jacobean worlds of William Shakespeare.  Accompanying his theatre company meet the residents and characters, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds, of a vibrant and bustling world. Suitable for all ages, Shakespeare at Home is free to use, free of advertising and no personal details or sign up is required. Fare thee well!
WAS is a powerful and provocative play about love and loss, when all you can afford is to survive, two mens worlds become forever linked by the death of a woman only one of them knew.  WAS is inspired by true events.
Image of a toy Schuco miniature car hanging over a ditch off road after a crash filtered with a magenta rust overlay

Currently in development.

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