Brimar Entertainment concentrates on new and exciting projects for film, theatre, animation, sound and publishing, along with documentary for TV and film.  We have room for all kinds of creative ideas and directions.
It is passion and our love of craft and storytelling that shapes and moulds our goals and discipline at Brimar.  To do the best we can in creating the best films, theatre, animation and publishing media in entertainment.
Embracing creativity, excellence, innovation, education and team work, Brimar Entertainment is inspired by equality and truth in our storytelling values.  Everything we create together is done with one thing in mind – taking you the audience on incredible journeys you’ll never forget, by taking storytelling to a new level of imagination, magic and wonder.
Our future is bright and is full of promise, so we hope that you check back soon and continue to go on never ending journeys in to the world of creative magic with us.
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